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It's happening!
The new Cove Network is finally at a stage where we are happy enough to launch it in an alpha stage! Currently the network consists of the Hubs and 2 mini-games, Survival Games & SkyWars! With more coming very soon!

Cove Network will aim to open in alpha at the end of November 2015, we are hoping for the Friday but it could be any time during that weekend! This date is hoping we don't run into any last minute issues! We will keep you updated with the launch!

We'd like players to remember that it is alpha for a reason, this network is fully custom coded. We haven't used any public plugins from Spigot apart from the popular libraries such as LibsDisguises etc. We pride ourselves in this and as much as we have full faith, bugs will happen, balancing will be required and downtime will be expected.

After alpha we will move into beta, we hope that when this happens no stats, balances, kit's etc will be reset. But if we must, we will reset these. So keep that in mind!

So, tell your friends, family, neighbours and pets! Cove Network will launch in alpha very soon!

Oh and yes we know, the current hub is horrible! We will be getting a new one very soon!
We've now opened the new Cove Network store! Buying a rank will get you access to early alpha in the upcoming weeks!

All earnings will go towards paying for the servers and team of Cove Network! Check out the store here!

We thank all players for your continued support, the network will hopefully be running in the next few weeks!
Just a quick warning that the forums will be going down so we can make some changes to the template and also the forums in general.

The forums will go down at 20:00 GMT and will hopefully be back up for 22:00 GMT.

UPDATE: Forums maintenance is now complete. We've done some minor theme changes and upgraded to the latest Xenforo, I will hopefully be installing a new UI.X theme over the next few days.

UPDATE 2: We've now got the latest UI.X theme working and updated with our changes.

UPDATE 3: Apparently nobody could see these posts xD That's fixed now!
Hello Players!

You may or may not have heard but the recent Cove Network owners have unfortunately had to step down after more server issues.

I have taken ownership over Cove Network, for those who don't know me; I'm Connor, a software developer based in Sheffield.
I'm quite active over on the Spigot forums and just in the general Bukkit community. For the last year and a half I've been working on a new and fully custom Minecraft Network, I've now decided to close the original name and use the backbones on Cove.

What Does This Mean?!

Well, it means Cove Network will stay! We're going to have to change some of the original code behind the old network name but it shouldn't be too much work! I can say we'll be aiming for a 2015 release, as I had planned with the previous name.
In regards to staff members, I will be removing all forum permissions for now. I will however be re-evaluating and hopefully taking most if not all of you to help out with the re-opening of Cove. If you are a previous staff member you do have ways to contact me to discuss you still being part of the team, either contact me on the old Slack chat or PM me on the forums!

What's our next move?

Over the next few days we are going to be working mostly on the forums, cleaning some things up, removing some threads and nodes etc. We've also disabled user registration for the next day or so while we fix a few things to minimise the spam accounts.

Thank You!

I would like to give a big thank you to all the previous owners, Cove players and previous staff members that put amazing time and effort into Cove. I know some of the players on here are more than likely either confused or annoyed by all the recent changes, but I can promise we will try my very best to bring an amazing experience to Cove!

I hope you all will join us in re-opening Cove very soon!
Important Forum rules
Hey everyone!
Recently, I have noticed a lot of forum rules not being obeyed by members up to senior staff.
I understand why this has occurred, and therefore have not issued any punishments for minor rule breaking thus far.
Please note however that from this moment onwards, warnings will be issued by our forum moderator team to any members who break the forum rules.
The rules can be found here:

NOTE: The necro-posting rule is inactive until further notice

- Tyghr
UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who posted screenshots; I've noticed that the thread font is not correct and will be fixing that shortly, thanks!

UPDATE #2: Font has been fixed. Thanks again everyone! ~ Leon

Hey everyone!

I recently, along with many other forum updates, performed a font change.
This is all well and good on my end, however I'm not 100% sure that everyone else sees the same font as I do when I look at the page! For that reason, I ask as many of you as possible to do the following:
Reply to this thread with a FULL-SCREEN screenshot of:
1] The homepage (this message)
2] Any thread/post

By doing this simple task, you aid in the development of the forums, and really help me out!