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by The_Evil_Dice at 5:43 AM
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What... Good news from Cove? Is it April fools?

I assure you it's not April fools, we'd be a month late for that. The good news is that CoveMatched 2 is ready for Open Beta Testing, that's right, the long awaited fix/upgrade to our Matchmaking system is finally about to arrive, a specific time for this test is still to be decided, however you can expect it to be the majority of the coming weekend, then if there are no bugs, it will be deployed immediately. If there are some bugs however, they will be fixed, then another Open Beta will be scheduled until CoveMatched 2 is everything we've been waiting for.

What is CoveMatched 2, and what does it improve over CoveMatched?
CoveMatched 2 is a completely rewritten system, allowing much more flexibility in it's future development, for example, we're intending to add challenge modifiers such as, doubleJump, noBow, etc. After launch, this is something that just would not have been possible with CoveMatched.

CoveMatched 2 also has a...
by The_Evil_Dice at 1:24 AM
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As you are all probably aware, a lot of threads have gone missing from the forums. This is because, I'm just going to say it as it is, an immature little individual got hold of a Manager's account, whom have the ability to permanently delete threads, and while some of these have been recovered, and more may be recovered in the coming days. I can assure you we have not been "Hacked", it was simply a childish individual whom got access to an account he should not have.

In regards to repercussions, I will be taking this further than simply banning this individual from the network, this individual has been harassing members of the general Minecraft community for too long now, and I will be attempting to contact their parents to let them know that their son is engaging in illegal activities on the internet. And that should it continue, I will personally be contacting the authorities myself, stealing someone's account for any online service is considered Identity Theft, and is taken very...
by Kyle at 12:00 AM
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Official CoveNetwork Rules

Failure to follow these rules will result in the appropriate action to be taken against you.

General & In-Game Rules :

1) Respect ALL players and staff.
You are expected to be respectful at all times when on the CoveNetwork. Everybody within the community should be able to feel safe and comfortable.

2) Do NOT accuse ANYBODY of hacking in the public chat. If you genuinely believe a player is hacking, please report then by doing @staff followed with the appropriate information.
Accusing the player of hacking within the public chat is considered as spam. By accusing the player in the public chat, you are probably going to make said hacker turn off his hacks before the Moderator is able to collect evidence.

3) Do NOT abuse ANY bugs or glitches.
If you see a player abusing a glitch, or you find a glitch, please report it to a staff member ASAP...
by Tice at 8:54 PM
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When Cove first launched, it was using standard Bukkit plugins. In order to improve it, we started programming our own plugins. It all started with the "Free For All" being customized, we then moved on to the 1v1. During Cove 1.0, we had a lot of issues: multiple bugs and memory leaks. This has now evolved into a well designed custom system, providing features and opportunities for new and better game modes. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Cove 2.0.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for being so patient and waiting for Cove to re-launch. It has been a hard working two months. We are yet resolving issues such as whether or not to use NoCheatPlus(NCP), fixing a few bugs here and there and making our gameplay more balanced. Moving on.

With Cove 2.0, we wanted to make our system function better. We have acheived this by resolving bugs, rewriting code and carefully thinking our system through. We have applied excessive amounts of improvements to all of...​
by Kyle at 2:26 PM
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Hello players of Cove, and welcome to the FIRST official CoveNetwork auction!

How does the auction work?

Well, that is quite simple really. What will happen is a certain amount of ranks and packages will be listed below, with a start price, and whoever bids the most, gets the rank! To place a bid, simply post a reply to this thread with the package ID and your desired bid price!

Package 1:
ID: 001
Three Quartz Donor Codes for you and your friends!

Start Price: 75.00 EUR

Package 2
ID: 002
Three Diamond codes for you and your friends!
Start Price: 50.00 EUR

Package 3:
ID: 003
Five Emerald codes for you and your friends!...​
by Kyle at 11:26 PM
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Hello players of Cove,

As some of you may know, while Cove was in hibernation, we decided that it'd be best to close Moderator applications because A) It would be pointless having Moderators, and B) It was low on our list of priorities. Although now, seeing as the server is very close to release, we have decided to OPEN moderator applications once again!

Think you've got what it takes to become Moderator? Be sure to apply HERE!

Thanks, Kyle.​
by Tice at 11:35 PM
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Before I start, I'd like to apologize again for the delayed release. As some of you may know, the reason to why we haven't released yet is due to a bug. We are making attempts to fix this bug, and therefore we have decided that we will be having testing sessions to determine if we have fixed it or not. If a test proves to be successful and we've fixed the bug, we will release either on the spot, or shortly afterwards. The first tests will be limited to 15 players at a time. Premiums, along with VIPs and staff members will have join priority.
by AbandonedClam at 12:31 AM
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Hello guys! Time for another update to keep you guys informed!

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news are that we might have find a way to fix the bug that prevented us from keeping Cove up and running. The bad news are that we have noticed that there is another bug preventing us from releasing Cove. Sadly, this means that Cove wont be back up just yet, but fear not! Soon we shall be up!
by Tice at 2:01 PM
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I'd like to apologize to all, all I can say is that new CovePVP is an huge plugin, since it hides awesome features (new gametype wot :eek:) and it might still bring some new bugs. I will try fixing all of them. And about the bugs that occoured earlier, I believe they are fixed. In case it comes to some others, I'll do my job and fix them ofc.

Hello! As some of you may know, we launched our system today. After a while of running it, a horrible bug occured, nobody could move! D:

We're trying to get it done ASAP. Expect Cove 2.0 to launch soon again!
by DerpyDash11 at 5:57 PM
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Hey guys, thanks for waiting so patiently. Our Founder, Dev and Owner - GreatTice, is doing his best to fix an inventory bug which removes the feature of moving your hotbar setup. We feel this bug is to important to distribute the servers - it's game breaking.

EDIT: I am glad to say that thanks to the development team we have fixed not 1, but 2 game breaking bugs.

We're working extremely hard, but time is of the essence. Please wait a little longer, so the staff at Cove Network can give you the best possible service! (If anyone has any Idea about the bug, please notify me on this thread)

Tice has been working incredibly hard, so be sure to thank him when Cove 2.0's released!
On behalf of the Cove Network - Thanks.