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by Mr_Dice at 4:56 AM
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Hello Cove, apologies for the lack of updates development-wise.

In the next week or two we are going to be adding a long awaited update, with a new updated interface, as well as the introduction of two new donor perks for the lobby, a Jet Pack and a Paintball Gun. The update will also include my first version of CoveMatchedV2, this new version is a combination of elements from the original CoveMatched plugin, as well as the more recent updated version, and will also include neat new features, such as the ability to see individual player kills in team matches, in-game scoreboards to always see the score, and best of all, team matchmaking.

And the best news... The new matched will not randomly break, due to the way it is programmed, matches are handled on a per match basis, the arenas are not simply reset like before. This improvement also paves the way for us to add cool things in the future such as match modifiers (no bows, super jump, etc.).

The update will also...
by GuyIsMVP at 5:22 PM
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New here?
Welcome to CoveMC!
If you haven't already I recommend reading this thread here first!

Don't understand how to do anything?
Want to know how to do everything?

You've come to the right place! Here we'll be talking you through on how to use this server to its potential, what everything means, and how to use certain commands ect!

Don't know what commands to use? Don't know how to 1v1 your friends? Don't know how to report a player? Look right here! ;)...
by RvngeOG at 8:19 PM
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Hello everyone!
Want to prove your PvP skills to everyone?
Want to have a chance to win great prizes?

Welcome to the Cove's very first clan tournament.

What is this going to be?
This is going to be a Cove 1vs1 tournament, any player, or even staff member can feel free to participate.

How is this going to work?
This tournament will consist of more or less than 15-25 players.
Each player will have an opponent whom he must defeat in order to reach to the finals.
Reaching to the finals will be the main goal, because if you loose once; you're out.

Which will make this tournament very competitive.

Each player will 1v1 an assigned opponent, which will be updated as we the 1v1s matches are set up.
If you are interested in participating in this...
by Hazzy at 8:51 PM
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CoveMC Awards #2 Round 2 - Finals!

Hello Forumers!
After a quick 4 days and lots of vote counting, we have finally decided to release the Cove Awards #2 Results! Now before you go on and look at the results, these awards were absolutely close and we are amazed by how many ties there were between certain categories.

So without further ado, here are the Cove Awards #2 Results!

Best Owner - Mr_Dice

Runner up - GreatTice
Quote from Mr_Dice: ""

Best Head-Manager - Tbeeb
Runner up - Pixelatorx2
Quote from Tbeeb: "Well it's been a long time coming..."

Best Developer - Pixelatorx2
Runnper up - Mr_Dice
Quote from Pixelatorx2: "Age is but a number? idk xD
Working hard pays off"

Best Manager - ItzThunder & MCGamerzism
Runner up: Creper_face
Quote from ItzThunder: "Well I honestly didn't see this coming! Gratz to me and Gizm...
by Hazzy at 8:24 PM
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CoveMC Awards #2 Round 2 - Finals!

Hello Forumers!
Welcome to the final round of the Cove awards, be sure to make your votes count! The categories are all the same and the awards are still up for grabs however this time it has been narrowed down to a certain amount of people! Considering that we took our time to release these we have decided to keep the voting tallied for ONLY 4 DAYS TO VOTE for the Awards so get voting!

The Best Owner
The Best Head Manager
The Best Manager
The Best Developer
The Best Moderator
The Best Staff Member
The Best VIP
The Best Friend
The Best Retired Staff
The Best FFA Map
The Best 1v1 - 2v2 - 3v3 Map
The Best Builder
The Best Build Team
The Best Forum Poster
The Best Cove YouTuber
The Best PvPer


As stated before,the winner of each different category will get a custom made banner that you may insert into your...​
by Mr_Dice at 11:44 PM
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In the coming months, the Cove you know is going to be changing... Cove as a whole is going to be getting a complete redesign, from the logo, to the forum design, to the in-game design, and beyond. This is all to make way for our upcoming "Cove Network" update. We want to shift away from a lot of the "cheap and campy" aesthetics that the server has donned for so long, gone will be the logo with no reference to Coves, boats, or even PvP itself... I mean, pfft... green handles... really? And when was the last time you saw pirates using shields? Or even shields in Minecraft? Come on Cove!

Anyway... You might be asking yourself, so why do I need to know this? Well honestly you don't, but you don't need to be playing minecraft either, so it was a stupid question in the first place, but that's besides the point! We're close to fixing... No... eradicating, sounds much cooler. We're close to eradicating the the TPS issues... 1 point...
by Hazzy at 11:36 AM
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CoveMC Awards 2.0 Round 1!

Hello Forumers!
After waiting for some time, we are deciding to release CoveMC awards 2.0! We were planing to release this during Easter but that's to far away. So it will work the same way as it worked before and the same rules will apply.

The Best Owner
The Best Head Manager
The Best Manager
The Best Developer
The Best Moderator
The Best Staff Member
The Best VIP
The Best Friend
The Best Retired Staff
The Best FFA Map
The Best 1v1 - 2v2 - 3v3 Map
The Best Builder
The Best Build Team
The Best Forum Poster
The Best Cove YouTuber
The Best PvPer

What is the prize?
The winner will get a custom made banner that you may insert into your signature, and show it off to everyone.

-Only vote once
-Don't tell people to vote for you
-Don't vote for yourself
by VegsMC at 10:08 PM
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Hello People of the Forums!

The Holiday Season is now upon us, and we here at CoveMC want to give back. Starting now, December 22nd 2014, until January 12th 2015, we're hosting a competition to see who has the best holiday spirit. The objective is to make the best holiday skin for the current holiday season (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza).

Don't Celebrate the Holidays?
Don't worry, if you don't celebrate these holidays.
Everyone of all religions and races can enter.

Competition Guidelines.
To enter the competition is simple.
Post a screenshot below with the following template.

Name of thread : Holiday-Skin-Submission - (Your IGN)
by Mr_Dice at 10:01 PM
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Some of you may have noticed the new [​IMG] tag some users have, this is to let you know they are part of the Official Cove build team.

So why am I posting this? Well of the 10 slots the team has 1 is still available, and we are in need of another good terraformer, so if you think you're a good enough terraformer to get in the team, leave a message on this thread and we can arrange some sort of trial for you.

Good luck, and bring your A game... You're gonna need it.
by MCGamerzism at 4:01 PM
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Hey Forumers!

So, you might have noticed a few flying hints over the past couple of months regarding maps. I finally now get to release what I and the map committee have been cooking up for the last 2 months! So without further or do, here are the 4 new additions to 1v1, and 2 new additions to 2v2!

New 1v1 Maps
Rustic Village
by @AlexLic
Hallowed Thorns by @Zexority
Arena of Gods by @GhananBoy
Primitive Frost by @HuntyB88

New 2v2 Maps
by @RockerLuke


Unfortunately, we also need to remove some maps in order to make room for the amazing new ones!
Play them as much as you can before they are removed!

Removals (1v1 and 2v2)
MineValley (1v1)
Dome (1v1)
Morika (2v2)

Thank you to everyone who submitted these unique and awesome...​