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by The_Evil_Dice at 11:33 PM
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The progress of a new Cove has been next to non-existent. This is in part due to my absence, and while this absence has proven harmful to Cove, I make no apologies for said absence, as it was required for me to cope with issues I had over the summer. While I do not want to go into detail about the issues I had, I feel that as members of the community, you have a right to know why I have not been around.

Early in the summer, I had some serious trauma in my life, which I would not have been able to deal with, without removing any and all unnecessary responsibilities, it left me extremely depressed and unsure how I was going to deal with it, if I would ever be able to. It is only in the past few days that I have had better news that has made me much more optimistic about my future. I appreciate that this is not a lot to go on, but I would like to keep some level of privacy regarding the matter, as it concerns not only me, but my family and friends also.

Anyway, regarding where Cove...
by Creper_face at 9:19 AM
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Hello there, I'm officially resigning from CoveNetwork, as of Saturday, 29 August 2015 I would like to thank the staff team for all of their hard work towards the server It's been one heck of a ride but my time here has come to an end

Creper_face, Ex Head Staff Manager
by Tice at 12:25 PM
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Greetings, y'all! Long time no see, eh?

As you are all aware the server has been down the for majority of the summer. This is due to the fact that the administration was (and still is) in a bad state, with development slow and essential people unreachable. It has been a busy summer for us all, and we all want Cove back on its feet, but it seems as though we must wait yet a little longer. As for me, it's nice to be back. Some of you may not know me, but I ran the server until early september last year, and had take a leave due to studies. Now that I have returned I will attempt to bring Cove back so that we have something to play on during the fall to come!
by The_Evil_Dice at 1:04 AM
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As some of you may have noticed recently, we've been having a huge spam bot issue, after looking into the issue, I still don't know why here or why now, all I know is that it's getting very tedious to deal with. As such I've made a few modifications to the forums, mainly upgrading them, using a different captcha system, flagging certain links as spam, etc, etc.

Hopefully this will remove 99% of the spam bots we've been encountering. However should this not work we will be looking at different avenues to keep the forums spam free, we want these forums to not only remain an active social environment while we're discussing how Cove is going to move forward, but we want them to improve in every way possible. Spam bots get in the way of that, and we will be pursuing all means possible to keep them off of the forums.

No we don't want your healthy brain pills... No we don't want to know 6 steps to a healthier you... And no, we do not want to know about the anti fat pill taking the...
by The_Evil_Dice at 3:47 PM
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As the title says, I would like to apologise for the rollback I just made to the forums, I was attempting to install a mail server, unfortunately this had some unfortunate side effects resulting in me having to revert back to our weekly backup.
by The_Evil_Dice at 10:19 AM
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With the temporary summer closure almost upon us, I'd like to take this time to thank every single person that has helped make cove what it is, and I want to assure you, your help will not be forgotten. During the summer I'd like to hold a big PvP tournament, not only to find out once and for all, who truly is the best of the best, but to send off the Cove we know and love with a bang, one final light, brighter than ever, before the beloved Cove evolves into whatever beast it will become.

While I don't have a date or time for when this tournament is going to be, I would like word to spread as early as possible, because I want to make it as huge as possible, I want to make sure there are prizes and celebrations to be had. My current thoughts on it, will be that it will consist of four categories, for each of our current gamemodes, meaning a tournament for FFA, a tournament for 1v1, a tournament for 2v2 and a tournament for 3v3. The structure of these tournaments will be decided upon...
by The_Evil_Dice at 10:12 PM
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As many of you may be aware activity and interest in Cove has dropped significantly in the last few months, from both inside and out, and this can be caused by a great factor of things, namely larger servers moving into the PvP market that was once occupied by many smaller communities. It could also be because of the repetitive nature of PvP, after all, there are only so many ways you can hit a 16 bit character with a virtual sword...

You may also be aware that Cove has not turned a profit in a long time, which is fine, as long as development is fun and provides good experience for those involved, however due to the simplistic design of Cove, this has equally not been possible, and it has left the Owners and Developers thinking, why? Everything that requires investment needs some sort of return, whether that be monetary return or enjoyment.

It's that question in fact, why? That got us thinking, why do we do what we do? Why do we shy away from exploiting players for money? Why don't...
by Creper_face at 4:32 PM
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Hello and welcome to our first Current Events Publication Issue these will be coming our every month if everything goes well meny things have happend over the past couple of months and hopefully this should explain some of it.

Current Events Publication Issue #1

Minecraft updates
(written by nell)

As you will probably already know, a new Minecraft update is approaching - The Combat Update. I’ve looked at some tweets broadcasted from the developers and I’ve got a good idea of some new additions to the game. Nothing has been confirmed that could affect the server or PVP in any aspect, but there I have come up with a lot of ideas which are very likely to go ahead in the update. Dinnerbone...
by The_Evil_Dice at 5:43 AM
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What... Good news from Cove? Is it April fools?

I assure you it's not April fools, we'd be a month late for that. The good news is that CoveMatched 2 is ready for Open Beta Testing, that's right, the long awaited fix/upgrade to our Matchmaking system is finally about to arrive, a specific time for this test is still to be decided, however you can expect it to be the majority of the coming weekend, then if there are no bugs, it will be deployed immediately. If there are some bugs however, they will be fixed, then another Open Beta will be scheduled until CoveMatched 2 is everything we've been waiting for.

What is CoveMatched 2, and what does it improve over CoveMatched?
CoveMatched 2 is a completely rewritten system, allowing much more flexibility in it's future development, for example, we're intending to add challenge modifiers such as, doubleJump, noBow, etc. After launch, this is something that just would not have been possible with CoveMatched.

CoveMatched 2 also has a...
by The_Evil_Dice at 1:24 AM
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As you are all probably aware, a lot of threads have gone missing from the forums. This is because, I'm just going to say it as it is, an immature little individual got hold of a Manager's account, whom have the ability to permanently delete threads, and while some of these have been recovered, and more may be recovered in the coming days. I can assure you we have not been "Hacked", it was simply a childish individual whom got access to an account he should not have.

In regards to repercussions, I will be taking this further than simply banning this individual from the network, this individual has been harassing members of the general Minecraft community for too long now, and I will be attempting to contact their parents to let them know that their son is engaging in illegal activities on the internet. And that should it continue, I will personally be contacting the authorities myself, stealing someone's account for any online service is considered Identity Theft, and is taken very...